segunda-feira, 29 de dezembro de 2014

Senso de Vida

Ao olhar um Ser vê-se limites
que a matéria impõe
músculos que simulam forças
respirar que aparenta vida
movimentos que designam sentidos
olhos que vagam pelo exterior
buscando respostas para um interior
ilimitado nos sentidos
fraco nas respostas
em busca de um senso para sua vida.

4 comentários:

  1. This is true Jaqueline... we all look to know what are part or sense is in life... I guess we all want to know we matter... beautiful poem as always, I have missed you but I understand how busy our lives become...

    I wanted to wish you a wonderful and Happy New Year... I how it is an amazing and happy one for you xox

    1. You are wonderful, Launna!
      Always visited my blog during the year 2014, even though I just went to your to read your letters, but I know you understand that I work very giving classes in two schools.

      I wish you to be very happy for all his life and has a lot of health to live, love and care for her daughters and her heart.

  2. Nossa que texto lindo.


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